Microsoft, as we all know, is the top player when it comes to computer technology industry and they never stop in innovating and coming up with other possible technologies that they can integrate in our today’s computers.

As the technology advances, virtual reality has gained momentum for the last few years and several companies have already developed their brand of virtual reality gets such as the glasses, consoles as well as the games that will be offered to the consumer.

Microsoft has no intentions of falling behind as they are now developing their own. However, it’s not a simple virtual reality glasses as they introduce the augmented- reality glasses called HoloLens. Though it’s still not available in the market, many people are now anticipating for the product’s release.

HoloLens is being run using a 32- bit Intel Atom Processor as well as a customized HPU or Holographic Processing Unit specially made by Microsoft for this specific glasses. Using the HoloLens’ HPU, the glasses gather data from its depth camera, inertial measurement unit and four spatial- mapping cameras to generate a three- dimensional model of the user’s surroundings. Together with this HoloLens, Microsoft releases holographic apps that can be used with the glasses.

HoloLens runs in Windows 10 operating system which makes it basically a computer that you can wear. However, Microsoft is still working on its structure, which is wearable, to avoid compromising its battery power. Also, the company is working on how will they control the heat being emitted by the glasses to avoid user’s discomfort.

The initial controls of the HoloLens are hand gesture which is equivalent to clicking on Start button, cursor being controlled by where you look or point your sight, and a finger gesture controls the clicking. Siri’s Windows counterpart, Cortana, is also present in the glasses though it’s not advisable to rely on her in replacing other gesture controls.

Different hologram apps are now available even though the glasses are not yet released in the market. For example, Skype for HoloLens is an app that lets the user see the person’s drawings on the other line as holographic images. There are also three games that the user can try and if the HoloLens become more developed as well as the games intended for it, we can all turn our living room into the video game environment. How cool is that?!

Microsoft’s HoloLens still has a long way to go to development but we can expect a great deal of improvement in the next coming months. Most importantly, being able to use a device that can project hologram images which can be manipulated and integrated in our daily lives is no simple technology. Imagine putting a hologram on your window and you can move around your room and when get back to your window, it’s still there. Amazing, right?

Others may think that Microsoft’s project is quite ambitious but as of today’s technologies and developments to come, it’s not impossible actually and if their project becomes a success, we can expect HoloLens to hit the computer technology hit like a storm. Who wouldn’t want a computer that you can wear?

A Wearable Windows Computer- Microsoft’s HoloLens